• 07 Feb 2022
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What is scienceacross.org

ScienceAcross was created to help you choose the best products by providing transparent, objective, and in-depth reviews. We take the top products and test them against each other to help you make the best purchasing decision possible.

Why do we want to help you?

It can be hard to make a purchase decision. We have been in the same position many times and we know the struggles. You have to sort through advertisements, fake reviews, and junk before you can find two products with mixed reviews that leave you uncertain which one to choose. We want to help you make an informed decision by thoroughly testing each product against the other.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Many sites offer fake reviews and misleading ads. Sites often list a variety of products, and they don't provide much reasoning about which product is superior. These sites sometimes just summarize customer reviews, which can be a poor indicator of the product's quality.

This is the problem that we are trying to solve.

We spent hours researching and testing products to find the best. To find the best product for you, we research all aspects of product metrics, authentic consumer reviews, as well as expert articles.

We make it easier for you to choose between two products if you aren't sure.

We are consumers and we have compiled reviews we enjoy to make sure we're making the right purchase.

What is our Philosophy?

ScienceAcross is committed to integrity and value. We believe that consumers should have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information about the product and be able to find the best price.

How do we earn money?

ScienceAcross is an Amazon Services LLC Associates participant. We are paid for qualifying purchases as an Amazon Associate. You will find links to Amazon in our reviews for the products that we review. We receive a portion of any transaction made by Amazon if you click on one of these links (without any additional cost to you). We don't have any bias in the products that you buy from Amazon and neither do our reviews.